Saturday, March 19, 2011

Up at 10:45am. Realize I've been using conditioner instead of shampoo since I got here. A good sign I'm still adjusting.

Check out my Facebook newsfeed and find more friends have left Japan. In fact, about as many have left as remain. I still have mixed feelings about leaving, but it helps to know I haven't left as many behind. It's unfortunate we're not in better touch. I imagine everyone's being inundated with e-mails from family and friends.

Meet up with a friend at 1pm, and decide to explore some different districts and take a hike up Namsan, a 262 meter peak overlooking Seoul. I step outside and my eyes well up with tears. I'm told it's dust from Mongolia and China kicked up by strong winds and carried to Seoul. My eyes seem to get used to it, but it's not so pleasant to breathe.

Asian Dust, Seoul

It's a warm afternoon, and despite the dust people are out in numbers - shopping, eating, talking, laughing. I'm in my t-shirt and it's beginning to feel like I'm on vacation.

Myeongdong Market, Seoul

Myeongdong Market, Seoul

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  1. We're riveted by your blog - reading the whole story today. Thinking of you. Thanks for making the decision you made ... A relief for your family. You will be able to help your Japanese friends and will get back there for sure. Warm love from Brian & Pat Cameron